Mommy Shark! is Genevieve’s response to unsolicited parenting advice, trying to date in an uncultured cesspool town, and how the expectations of caregivers and mothers are totally bananas. In this short and sweet comedy special, Mommy confronts her fears, shares her and baby shark’s adventures, and opens up about how she copes with being judged and shamed on a daily basis. Mommy Shark was first written as a stream of consciousness. It spewed out of Genevieve on a hot summer day. After 7 years of mothering her daughter, this project had been building, percolating, and labouring its life inside of her for quite some time. Though its title may deceive you, Mommy Shark is not children’s theatre. It features R-rated material, raunchy comedic storytelling and reaches for all the *deep dark places* inside you. Bleeding into performance art elements, and cabaret-style form, Mommy Shark takes you on a wave of emotion and includes an entire section written by Genevieve’s very own *BABY SHARK*

MOMMY SHARK premiered at the Halifax Fringe Festival in Neptune Theatre’s Imperial Studio under the Direction of Adrianne Gagnon. MOMMY SHARK saw two hometown performances on October 14th, 2022 at Camp Cataract and October 15th, 2002 at Mahtay Cafe, under Genevieve’s company, Lumen and Jupiter Arts.


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