Genevieve (Evie) Jones is a theatre creator and storyteller. Historically, she is an Actor and Director. She’s now easing her way into a Playwright. She studied Theatre Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Guelph. For her thesis, she wrote a play based on a true crime, under the mentorship and Supervisions of Judith Thompson. Her research interests look at the function of empathy in the theatre with a particular interest in how vulnerability can be medicine for living in an unnecessarily shameful culture. These areas of interest spill over into her plays, the characters she creates, and the questions Genevieve provokes. Genevieve has two full length plays; Ingrid’s Dream OR A Murder in Maine and her solo project, JimiBill and Me. Her work is also influenced by her own cultural sparks of interest that connect to her own life experiences. She has a vested interest in landscape/imagery and internal human struggles. Such things relate to how she, and other humans may identify. 

“Her gift for character and dialogue is unique and singular-not only are her characters fully three dimensional but she gives them the most delicious voices-voices that are true and so funny but complicated and just real. Actors will thrill to these characters and have an unforgettable journey through this remarkable text. Genevieve is on her way to becoming a national treasure as a playwright, and theatre-maker.” – J. Thompson

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